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One step hair brush dryer

One step hair brush dryer

2 in 1 hairbrush dryer

Around Facebook, females are posting about the One Action Hair Clothes Dryer & Volumizer with claims of this clothes dryer "taming the frizz," being "life-altering," as well as "cutting drying time in fifty percent!" However what truly happens when you click to contribute to cart? Does this new miracle product measure up to the buzz?
one step hair brushdryer
My hair is fine naturally and while it has some natural wave, it's most definitely never been rugged or tough to align. My problem is, like most mommies, a hectic morning routine. I typically go to work with something of a "mama mullet" ... flawlessly styled and also dried in front as well as on the sides but with wet hair in the back which dries out to an unequal wave by the lunch break. As I hit 40 last year, I have actually additionally discovered the top of my hair looking "fuzzy" after drying it. I remember my mom as well as grandmother grumbling concerning their hair getting "fuzzy" as they aged and had no suggestion what they were discussing. Mother as well as Granny, I get it currently!

So with my blurry, great, no time to dry the rear of my hair attitude, I laid out to test out the Revlon One Step Hair Clothes dryer skeptically hopeful that it may really be as life-altering as promised as well as here's what happened ...

First, it's helpful to use a few of those hairpin thing-a-ma-jigs they make use of in the beauty salon. These assist you completely dry your hair in smaller sized sections while maintaining the rest of your hair out of the way.
Start on the underneath layer of your hair. Section off a 3-inch section of hair and make use of the brush to brush your wet hair straight to the bottom from beneath.
After that, just like you would certainly a rounded brush, activate the clothes dryer and begin rolling it approximately the top. Roll down to the scalp and hold it at the top a couple of seconds to assist with volumizing.
Repeat till hair is completely dry. If required smooth completions of your hair over the clothes dryer brush as required to round. There is also a "cool air" function on the clothes dryer if you intend to establish your hair too.
one step hair brush dryer
The whole procedure appears much more difficult then it truly is. The clothes dryer looks frightening when you take it out of the box and also you have visions of the first time you tried to use a round brush and also wound up with it tangled in your hair for an hour. This brush is remarkably easy to use as well as tangle free as well as makes getting ready in the early morning much easier. The fear of drying my hair has almost disappeared. Definitely Contribute To Cart! It's currently $5 off on and some Prime subscribers have an added 20% off voucher on their account too!
Two-for-One: One item for styling as opposed to storing or taking a trip with a rounded brush as well as bulky hair clothes dryer.
No Fuzzies: the clothes dryer really does leave your hair silky yet in some way full of quantity at the same time.
Quicken Drying Out Time: my hair needs to take about 15 mins to completely dry entirely (if in fact, dry the back of my head also:-RRB-)and the one-step clothes dryer dried all of it in practically 8 mins.
Brush: you can actually use the brush end to smooth out areas and also brush your hair straight as you unclip it from the hairpin as well as prior to switching on the clothes dryer which is a great bonus.